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Supporting the G20 Summit, LinkAja Develops Strategic Synergies with BRI and Pegadaian to Establish a Holistic Digital Financial Services Ecosystem

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Image Artikel Supporting the G20 Summit, LinkAja Develops Strategic Synergies with BRI and Pegadaian to Establish a Holistic Digital Financial Services Ecosystem LinkAja
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In order to strengthen the synergy between SOE ecosystems and complement the community's needs through a holistic ecosystem, LinkAja, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), and PT Pegadaian restrengthened their cooperation again towards the end of this year. LinkAja established a strategic partnership with BRI to develop a PayLater feature that can provide benefits and convenience to LinkAja users in making transactions. The development of this feature is based on the growing needs of the community until the end of 2022 for features that offer payment delays or installments when purchasing goods online and offline. In addition, LinkAja is strengthening synergies with Pegadaian in digitizing remuneration payments (cash disbursement) to thousands of apprentices. LinkAja is optimistic that these two collaborations can accelerate the Government's efforts to achieve financial inclusion and encourage non-cash transactions at all levels of society in Indonesia. Both collaborations were inaugurated during the G20 Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali.

LinkAja and BRI cooperation has been established since 2020 in several other areas such as Cardless Withdrawal, Opening Saving Account, Direct Debit, and PayLater. Now, to improve services to users, LinkAja and BRI are developing the PayLater feature to answer the needs of people who need access to cardless credit services so as to provide consumptive credit to users. Users can use the PayLater feature in various LinkAja services, from purchasing credit, paying telephone and TV subscription bills, paying electricity bills or buying electricity tokens, transacting online or offline at merchants who partner with LinkAja, to making donations and sending money.

Meanwhile, the cooperation between Pegadaian and LinkAja has been running with a fund distribution program given to approximately 14,000 Pegadaian employees, which is carried out every month. But now, the scope of this collaboration is expanded through the distribution of funds to apprentices in 12 Pegadaian Regional Offices throughout Indonesia. Currently, Pegadaian has digitized payments for Internship activities in the Pegadaian ecosystem throughout Indonesia, starting with the Santri Internship Program, which is currently running with an Internship Period of three months. Furthermore, this incentive payment process will be extended to all other internship activities.

LinkAja Establishes Collaboration to Support the National Financial Inclusion Program

Yogi Rizkian Bahar, President Director of LinkAja, said, "The mission that LinkAja wants to achieve is to build SOE synergy cooperation and become a digital financial service platform that serves the daily needs of the community. Seeing the enthusiasm and positive trends in need for the PayLater feature among the public, we were inspired to develop this feature service with BRI to provide convenience in meeting various community needs through a holistic digital financial service ecosystem in Indonesia. In addition, with the expansion of cooperation with Pegadaian, we hope that every segment of society will be more familiar with payment digitization that can facilitate daily transaction activities. We hope that, coinciding with the G20 Summit, these two strategic collaborations will be the embodiment of LinkAja's commitment to continue to innovate and support the Government's efforts to accelerate digital financial inclusion in Indonesia."

LinkAja, as a server-based payment service provider, has grown rapidly and now has more than 87 million registered users. Users can enjoy LinkAja's PayLater service to be used for transactions at more than 2.3 million LinkAja partner merchants, as well as unlimited use on various BUMN, Marketplace, and SuperApp platforms.

Handayani, Director of Consumer Business at BRI, said, "BRI always encourages efforts to accelerate the digitization of financial services to support the Government's efforts for the national financial inclusion program. For this reason, the strategic synergy of presenting the PayLater feature in the LinkAja application will further strengthen financial literacy among the public through a complete financial services ecosystem."

Regarding the digitalization of fund distribution to all apprentice employees, Pegadaian strongly supports non-cash transactions facilitated by LinkAja. So far, various forms of strategic collaboration with LinkAja have been carried out, including the digitalization of santri internship payments and magenta internship payments, routine cash disbursement of LinkAja balances for employees, as well as installment payments and loan applications through LinkAja. Apart from the expansion of strategic cooperation carried out with LinkAja, Pegadaian also opens up various other potential forms that can be explored, including providing investment benefits for LinkAja employees, providing investment benefits for LinkAja partners, and collaborative utilization of the Garbage Bank.

Ferry Hariawan, Senior Vice President of Institutional Relations of PT Pegadaian, said, "Pegadaian understands that digitalization is part of the times and has become the focus of the Government. Therefore, we also welcome the collaboration with LinkAja, to introduce digital payment methods to our employees. Pegadaian believes that this can improve services and facilitate daily transaction needs."


Through a complete and integrated ecosystem of electronic financial transaction services, LinkAja's consistency and commitment in its efforts to #UniteIndonesia's Potential is increasingly being implemented. By optimizing all services offered by each SOE, LinkAja is optimistic that it can meet the needs of safe and convenient digital transactions, and further accelerate the process of equitable financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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