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Makin Berkah, LinkAja Syariah is consistent in becoming a Sharia Digital Financial Service in Indonesia

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Image Artikel Makin Berkah, LinkAja Syariah is consistent in becoming a Sharia Digital Financial Service in Indonesia LinkAja
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LinkAja Syariah, which is an extension of the LinkAja application service aimed at people who want to make transactions in accordance with sharia principles, has again received an extension of Sharia Certification from the National Sharia Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council (DSN MUI) officially on August 30, 2022. Through this trust, LinkAja Syariah becomes the first Sharia digital wallet in Indonesia which reaffirms its commitment to providing digital financial services in accordance with Sharia principles and is increasingly confident in moving forward to develop the Sharia ecosystem in Indonesia.

Yogi Rizkian Bahar, President Director of PT Fintek Karya Nusantara (LinkAja) said, "We really appreciate the trust of DSN MUI in LinkAja Syariah. We hope that LinkAja Syariah will continue to gain trust from the public for our various products and features that are in accordance with sharia provisions. This trust is a form of LinkAja Syariah's commitment to continue to contribute to the implementation of the Indonesian Sharia Economic Master Plan 2019-2024, especially in the field of strengthening the Sharia digital economy as launched by the government through KNEKS".

The extension of Sharia Certification from DSN MUI is carried out every 3 years for institutions or companies that apply for a license. The re-certification process is carried out through several stages of sharia compliance which must be approved by DSN MUI. LinkAja Syariah has met the requirements and standards of sharia compliance with digital financial services that prioritize three main categories of sharia service products, namely ZISWAF (Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqah and Waqf), mosque-based economy, empowerment and digitization of pesantren and MSMEs. Thus, the certification that was successfully obtained again by this sharia service cemented LinkAja as the first sharia-based digital wallet in Indonesia in accordance with the DSN MUI fatwa No. 116/DSN-MUI/IX/2017 regarding sharia electronic money. The extension of this certification was handed over directly by Dr. K.H. Hasanudin, M.Ag. as the Daily Chairman of MUI National Sharia Council to Yogi Rizkian Bahar.

Dr. K.H. Hasanudin, M.Ag said, "We really appreciate LinkAja Syariah which consistently continues to expand its financial services ecosystem holistically while continuing to follow the suitability of sharia rules, thus providing a sense of security and peace of mind for the Ummah to transact digitally. We hope that LinkAja Syariah will continue to be useful in various transactions that are certainly in accordance with sharia rules and can continue to encourage the development of Indonesia's sharia economic sector."

Currently LinkAja Syariah has collaborated with more than 1,600 ZISWAF distribution institutions and institutions, more than 2,200 mosques, 333 Islamic boarding schools / Islamic education and more than 5,400 e-commerce and offline merchant partners and LinkAja Syariah's revenue contribution has reached 23 percent of LinkAja's total revenue since its establishment. Through this 2-year achievement, LinkAja Syariah is committed to continuing to develop a variety of digital sharia services so that they can benefit and bring blessings to the community. As a highlight of its achievements, LinkAja Syariah won an international award as "Best Digital Payment Service Provider" organized by The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Award 2022 initiated by The Asset based on its contribution in promoting sharia-based financial technology in Indonesia.


Through a complete and integrated ecosystem of electronic financial transaction services, LinkAja's consistency and commitment in its efforts towards #SatukanPotensiIndonesia is increasingly being realized. By optimizing all the services offered by each SOE that is its shareholder, LinkAja is optimistic that it can meet the needs of safe and convenient digital transactions, and further accelerate the process of equitable financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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