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LinkAja Syariah Strengthens the Shariah Based Ecosystem Through Collaboration with Muslimat NU and Paybill

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Image Artikel LinkAja Syariah Strengthens the Shariah Based Ecosystem Through Collaboration with Muslimat NU and Paybill LinkAja
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In order to expand the development of Sharia digital financial services in Indonesia, LinkAja through LinkAja Syariah continues to expand and explore domestic potentials through strategic collaboration with communities in Indonesia. This November, LinkAja Syariah inaugurated a collaboration with Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and PT Pilar Bills Indonesia (Paybill) to make it easier for the public to access Sharia-based digital financial services, in order to encourage the achievement of financial inclusion in Indonesia.



The collaboration of LinkAja Syariah, as the only sharia-based digital financial service in Southeast Asia with Muslimat Nadhlatul Ulama, as a socio-religious community organization and one of the Autonomous Bodies of Jam'iyah Nadhlatul Ulama, shows good synergy between the three parties to support and realizing the government's program to achieve financial inclusion in Indonesia. Through this collaboration, LinkAja provides Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah financial services on the LinkAja Syariah platform and facilitates the general public and the Nahdliyin community do not have access to banking: a complete digital financial service that follows sharia principles. This service is able to facilitate various needs of the Nahdliyin community, such as: essential needs, solutions for Friday alms and infaq for fellow members, and as a solution for distributing government funds and pre-employment incentives.



Wibawa Prasetyawan, the Acting CEO of LinkAja explained, “We see this collaboration as a great opportunity to expand LinkAja's sharia-based digital financial services to all regions in Indonesia. Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah Financial Services (NTDS) is a digital financial literacy program for Nahdliyin residents and general public. We hope that the complete sharia-based digital financial service facilities that are present through this collaboration can encourage the transformation of society to switch to digital.”



Khofifah Indar Parawansa, as General Chairperson of PP Muslimat NU explained, “This collaboration is in line with President Joko Widodo mandate that Indonesia's financial inclusion to reach 90% by 2024, we hope that 1 million Nahdliyin people can enjoy collaboration in digital sharia financial services. The potential for this collaboration reaches 32 million Muslimat NU members, even wider, reaching 80 million Nahdliyin people. The Nahldatut Tujjar ecosystem has spread across 34 provinces in Indonesia, even overseas countries such as Taiwan and Saudi, so this collaboration is expected to be able to facilitate the public for Islamic digital financial literacy in a global scope. Nahdlatut Tujjar is an NU ecosystem that is engaged in the economy. Meanwhile, Muslimat NU is an NU women's organization, one of the autonomous bodies within the NU ecosystem.



Arief R. Yulianto, President Director of PT Pilar Billing Indonesia also said, "We hope that Paybill's role in this collaboration can accelerate the rate of expansion of Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah Financial Services through the LinkAja Syariah Service platform. With consistent training and assistance for NU Muslimat, we hope the socialization will be carried out more effectively and encourage the community, not only Nahdliyin but also the general public to immediately switch to sharia-based digital financial services."


LinkAja Syariah, Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama, and Paybill inaugurated this collaboration through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which includes:


1. LinkAja Syariah


> LinkAja Syariah as communication media solution and digital financial literacy, collection of contributions, alms and digital payments.

> Distributor of government social assistance funds.

> LinkAja provides support in the form of funds and facilities to support socialization and member registration.

> Payment of member registration fees and distribution of the results of digital payment transactions.



2. Muslimat Nadhlatul Ulama


> Socializing the financial services of Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah through the LinkAja Syariah to the Nahdliyin community.

> Inviting Nahdliyin residents to register as members of the said service.

> Become a member helpdesk for Nahdliyin residents for this service.

> Build a network and monitor the person in charge of the field so that members of the Nahdliyin community actively carry out digital financial transactions

> Manage the financial services space of Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah on the LinkAja Syariah platform.

> Manage all communications related to members of Nahdliyin, Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah financial services and/or carried out at the request of PP Muslimat NU.



3. Paybill


> Provide and facilitate the Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah financial service registration system, as well as provide an ID number to each member who registers.

> Accompanying NU Muslimat in socializing and registering members for Nahdliyin residents for Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah Financial Services through the LinkAja Syariah Services platform.

> Train the NU Muslimat team to be competent and play a role as a helpdesk. Provide, facilitate and update the Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah financial service system if there are new needs and innovations.



After the MoU is implemented, socialization will start from East Java, namely from Blitar and Malang. Then it moved to Banyuwangi, Ponorogo, and Tulungagung, then expanded to East Java, Central Java, to the scope of Indonesia. From this initial socialization (piloting), it is hoped that 1 million Nahdliyin people can get all the benefits of Nahdlatut Tujjar Digital Syariah Financial Services through the LinkAja Syariah platform.

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