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LinkAja Syariah Received Happiness Award and Strengthens Synergy with Rumah Zakat

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Image Artikel LinkAja Syariah Received Happiness Award and Strengthens Synergy with Rumah Zakat LinkAja
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LinkAja Syariah, the first e-money that is based on Sharia principles in Indonesia has massively grown and brought essential benefits to the community. This year, LinkAja Syariah received the Happiness Award by Rumah Zakat for payment channel category at Public Expose Rumah Zakat 2022 event. At the same time, LinkAja also synergizes with Rumah Zakat to strengthen the digitalization of Zakat, Infaq, Alms, Waqf, and Qurban in 2022.


Donny Fernando, Head of LinkAja Sharia Group stated, “We really appreciate the award given by Rumah Zakat to LinkAja. We are proud to be a part of the digitalization of ZISWAF Rumah Zakat through our Dana Sosial feature of the  Zakat and Infaq menu in LinkAja Syariah app. We hope it will motivate and increase the consumer trust in digitally donating and zakat with LinkAja Syariah. We are optimistic that the synergy between LinkAja Syariah and Rumah Zakat will make a positive contribution in increasing digital financial literacy in Indonesia”.


Throughout 2021, the accumulation of Zakat, Infaq, Alms, and Waqf in LinkAja Syariah has increased transaction over 780%. Rumah Zakat is the institution partner of LinkAja donation since 2019. In 2021 the accumulated transaction reached more than 520%, with increased active users of more than 610% and donation increase amounted to 360%.


Nur Efendi, Chief Executive Officer of Rumah Zakat stated, “We give the highest appreciation to LinkAja Syariah through the Happiness Award. We also fully support our strategic cooperation between Rumah Zakat and LinkAja Syariah, we hope this synergy accelerates the digitization of the ZISWAF ecosystem and brings more benefits to the community."


Until today, LinkAja has given easy access to its complete digital ecosystem to more than 82 million registered users. LinkAja has partners of over 1,5 million local merchants, over 400 thousand merchants nationwide, 30 modes of transportation, over 790 million traditional markets, and over 13 thousand online marketplaces. LinkAja can also be used for bank transfer, and transactions of daily needs such as paying electricity bills, phone credits, BPJS subscriptions, to purchasing various financial products such as mutual funds and microinsurance. LinkAja is accessible in over 1 million transaction points for cash top up and withdrawal, including ATMs, bank transfer, retail chains to digital financial services.



LinkAja Syariah was launched in April 2020 and is the first Sharia e-money in Indonesia and aims to provide transactions with Sharia principles. In addition to the already complete services provided in the regular app, LinkAja Syariah can also be used for donation, alms, and waqf through mosques and Islamic institutions and online registration for hajj. In a year since its launch, LinkAja Syariah has acquired over 6,5 million registered users that will continue to increase in line with strategic collaborations, such as local government and other institutions to collaborate and expand the Sharia digital ecosystem throughout Indonesia.

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