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LinkAja Supports the Government to Provide Ease of Payment of BPJS Contributions through Digitalization

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LinkAja has consistently supported the Government's efforts to expand digital access for the community, one of which is by becoming the choice of digital financial services for BPJS payments. Currently, the participation of the National Health Insurance government program has reached the target set by the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN). But unfortunately, there are still many people who experience difficulties in paying BPJS. To overcome this, LinkAja is here as a solution to digitize BPJS payments which is also a form of support for the Government in uniting various potentials in Indonesia.

Based on the latest BPJS Health data in 2022, 241.7 million people have been registered with BPJS, or equivalent to 88.6% of the total population of Indonesia1. Of this total, 55% of BPJSKS participants have not paid their contributions regularly. In addition, based on research conducted by LinkAja to customers, it is known that the literacy of digital BPJS payments still needs to be improved. This can be seen from the majority of BPJS users who still use conventional payment methods, dominated by non-bank at 67% (or payment using cash), followed by payment via bank at 17%, and the lowest is payment via digital at 14.7%. For this reason, as an e-wallet-based financial service, LinkAja provides convenience through digital payments through its application.

Here are the steps to make dues payments through the LinkAja application: 

  1. Download the LinkAja app on the App Store and Play Store.
  2. Then register yourself by filling in the required personal data according to the LinkAja application instructions.
  3. If you have successfully registered, on the main page, select the other menu. Click the Buy/Pay Bill menu, then select Insurance.
  4. Select BPJS Health.
  5. Then input your LinkAja Customer ID and BPJS Health participant number.
  6. If the number entered is correct, you can see the name, number, admin fee, bill amount, and total amount.
  7. Continue the transaction until the payment of BPJS Health dues is complete.

This payment method will be socialized to the public gradually and comprehensively. Socialization of BPJS digital payments is carried out through the creation of articles published on the LinkAja website. It is hoped that through this socialization, the public can understand that the mechanism for paying BPJS contributions through the LinkAja application is easier and faster, and can be done anytime and anywhere without even leaving the house. BPJS Health payments through the LinkAja application are also free of additional fees. In addition, through the LinkAja application, people can also check their BPJS Health bills or contributions. Currently, LinkAja also has a promo that provides 10% cash-back of Rp10,000 per transaction for each BPJS Health fee payment which applies to existing users as well as new users with applicable conditions. All this convenience is expected to increase public digital literacy to achieve financial inclusion in Indonesia.

"With the availability of the BPJS Health fee payment feature in the LinkAja application, we provide easy transactions for the public to switch to digital payments. In addition to being one of LinkAja's efforts to facilitate the essential needs of the community, this payment digitization is also carried out to encourage financial inclusion in Indonesia, which is part of our efforts to unite Indonesia's potential through the synergy of the BUMN ecosystem," explained Yogi Rizkian Bahar, President Director of LinkAja

Through a fully integrated ecosystem of electronic financial transaction services, LinkAja's consistency and commitment in its efforts to #UniteIndonesia's Potential are increasingly being realized.


By optimizing all the services offered by each SOE that is its shareholder, LinkAja is optimistic that it can meet the needs of safe and convenient digital transactions and further accelerate the process of equitable financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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