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LinkAja's Strategic Collaboration in Supporting the Government's Targeted Subsidy Digitalization Program

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The government's real efforts to realize financial inclusion in the midst of Indonesian society are proven, one of which is through providing support for the Subsidi Tepat (Right Subsidy) program or the provision of targeted fuel subsidies directly to the layers of society in need. Being one of the electronic financial transaction service providers that facilitates access to payments in the MyPertamina application today, LinkAja's presence emphasizes the alignment of its mission.

In order for the subsidized fuel distributed by the Government to be more targeted, according to the segments listed in Presidential Regulation Number 191 of 2014 concerning the Provision, Distribution and Retail Selling Prices of Fuel Oil, users of subsidized diesel fuel and pertalite are required to register first and then make fuel purchase transactions using the MyPertamina application. In order to make the benefits of the subsidy felt by more Indonesians, the scope of the mandatory registration area has now been expanded to 50 districts/cities in 27 provinces.

LinkAja President Director, Yogi Rizkian Bahar, stated that support in the process of digitizing the distribution of targeted subsidized fuel is a strategic step by the company in an effort to realize digital financial inclusion in Indonesia. "LinkAja fully supports the Government's efforts to ensure that the distribution of subsidized fuel can be right on target and we believe that the digitization process of subsidized fuel purchases can be one of the solutions. As a form of support for the Government's initiative, we have entered into a strategic synergy with Pertamina to become one of the electronic payment methods in the MyPertamina application used for purchasing subsidized fuel. This is done in order to provide an easier cashless payment method option for the community."

To be eligible, prospective recipients of Subsidy Tepat must register themselves at or directly in the MyPertamina application. Furthermore, users will get a QR Code which can then be printed or saved in the MyPertamina application for more concise access. Later when transacting at Pertamina gas stations, users simply show the QR Code to the fuel filling officer and payments can be made in cash or non-cash using MyPertamina.

"As a company founded from the sustainable synergy of 10 SOEs, facilitating access to non-cash payments at MyPertamina is concrete evidence of LinkAja’s efforts in uniting Indonesia's potential. However, in its implementation, LinkAja still adheres to the legal principles of fair business competition in accordance with Law No. 5 of 1999 concerning Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition," Yogi added.

Regarding the use of LinkAja as one of the payment methods in the MyPertamina application, if users already have a LinkAja account, users can directly open the MyPertamina application, register and then connect the user's LinkAja account in the MyPertamina application. After entering the LinkAja PIN code, users will receive a verification code via SMS on the number that has been registered, and users can effectively transact using MyPertamina cashlessly. For payments through LinkAja, users are not charged any additional fees. Users can also access various appealing promos, such as restaurant vouchers, gas, unique merchandise, and more through the My Pertamina app.


Another concrete evidence of LinkAja providing support for the subsidy program carried out by the government was also recently implemented through a collaboration with Yokke. Through the activation of a trial of digitizing the distribution of social assistance carried out at the Indonesian Digital Economy and Finance Festival (FEKDI) in mid-July 2022, the partnership between LinkAja and Yokke has successfully distributed assistance worth tens of millions of rupiah to hundreds of beneficiary families (KPM) scattered in various regions in Indonesia.

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