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LinkAja's Spirit in Supporting MSMEs to Increase Economic Equality Through Gerakan Nasional Bangga Buatan Indonesia (Gernas BBI)

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Image Artikel LinkAja's Spirit in Supporting MSMEs to Increase Economic Equality Through Gerakan Nasional Bangga Buatan Indonesia (Gernas BBI) LinkAja
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LinkAja, as one of the providers of digital payment service, consistently supports Gerakan Nasional Bangga Buatan Indonesia (Gernas BBI) campaign. Gernas BBI is a national movement to support domestic production which was initiated by President Joko Widodo, launched in May 2020. This movement aims to increase pride in domestically manufactured goods, particularly MSMEs products. LinkAja actively participated in each BBI Gernas campaign that was staged across all 12 provinces in Indonesia. This year, LinkAja was once again selected as the top brand for the year.

"As a national digital financial service provider, we firmly support Gernas BBI initiative to promote people's usage of home goods and services. It is hoped that LinkAja's participation in this movement will raise digital financial literacy in the community and MSME in order to accelerate financial inclusion. We also support MSMEs as the backbone of national economic resurrection, while continuing to build a holistic financial ecosystem so that we can meet the needs of transactions for community and MSMEs in Indonesia," as explained by Yogi Rizkian Bahar, President Director of LinkAja.

BBI's Gernas campaign has succeeded in increasing the number of Indonesian MSME to participate in the digital ecosystem. This year, MSME that are connected to the digital ecosystem have achieved 21 million, which is considered as a significant rise since the BBI Gernas program implemented with a total of MSMEs digitized that was still 8 million1.

Throughout 2022, LinkAja as a Top Brand has contributed directly to support various activities in the BBI Gernas Campaign Series initiatives, some of which are in West Sumatera, West Kalimantan, West Sulawesi, North Maluku, and Papua. LinkAja's involvement in the Gernas BBI Campaign includes acquiring MSMEs to support the utilization of digital payments with LinkAja, training and education for MSMEs with materials related to financial literacy inclusion, digitization of payments, product marketing techniques, and assistance for MSMEs in calculating and paying taxes  which are attended by thousands of MSMEs from all provinces that host Campaign events every month. The top brand is an appreciation given by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) to partners who actively participated in the annual BBI Gernas series.

Through a complete and integrated electronic financial transaction service ecosystem, LinkAja's consistency and commitment in its efforts to #SatukanPotensiIndonesia (Integrating Indonesia’s Potential) is increasingly fulfilled. By optimizing all of the services that are notable to each SOE,


LinkAja is optimistic that it will meet the needs of secure and convenient digital transactions, as well as further accelerating the process of equitable financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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