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LinkAja Returns to ISEF 2022 and Continues to Support the Growth of Indonesia's Islamic Economy

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LinkAja Syariah, as Indonesia’s first and largest sharia-based financial technologies will supports the largest economic and financial festival at the 2022 Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) which takes place from 5-9 October 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) hybrid.

With the theme of Recover Together Recover Stronger: Optimizing Sharia Economy and Finance For Inclusive Recovery which resonates with the theme of Indonesia's G20 Presidency, this year ISEF carries out its new mission which is 'Integrating the thoughts and efforts of all Islamic economic activists (EKSyar) in developing EKSyar to support Indonesia as a World EKSyar Development Center', whose mission is aligned with the blueprint for the development of the national Islamic economy and finance.

In this international scale event, LinkAja Syariah believes that this collaboration can contribute significantly to expanding access to sharia-based digital financial services in Indonesia as it is the only e-wallet provider of QRIS and digital financial services.

In this year's series of ISEF events, LinkAja Syariah also inaugurated their synergies with several strategic partners that further will strengthen its ecosystem, which are Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) for easy withdrawal of LinkAja Syariah at BSI ATMs, EduMU for ease of sharia digital transactions in payment systems in the field of education, and with PP Hidayatullah for digitizing the Islamic community ecosystem.

Yogi Rizkian Bahar, President Director of LinkAja stated, "LinkAja Syariah's involvement for the second time in ISEF is a manifesto of LinkAja Syariah's commitment as one of the largest sharia electronic money in Indonesia in realizing the vision of the Indonesian Sharia Economic Masterplan 2019 - 2024 to make Indonesia Independent, Prosperous and Civilized (Madani) and become the Leading Center for Islamic Economics in the World. Focusing on strengthening the Islamic digital economy, LinkAja are also extending collaboration with Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI), where LinkAja Syariah users now will have easy access to cash withdrawals from the largest Islamic bank network. We also hope that by providing more accessible services, people will utilize these services to fulfill their daily necessities including transportation, energy, petrol, QRIS, telecommunications, taxes, and online Umrah and Hajj registration.”

LinkAja Syariah provides easy transactions in ISEF with a sense of security and peace, because it still follows sharia principles, so there will be more blessings #MakinBerkah.

At the most recent ISEF 2021 event, LinkAja has recorded significant growth as evidenced by an increasing number of LinkAja Syariah active users, an increase in transactions of up to 20%, and a double increase in GMV. LinkAja is optimistic that this year's ISEF contribution will also record positive growth to further support the development of Islamic digital financial services in Indonesia.

“We really appreciate the presence of LinkAja Syariah which has consistently developed an ecosystem of sharia digital financial services in Indonesia. This collaboration was carried out to strengthen the halal ecosystem in Indonesia. We hope that this strategic partnership will have a positive impact on the community in using Islamic digital financial services," as explained by Ita Rulina, Director of the Department of Economics and Sharia Finance of Bank Indonesia.

The 2022 Indonesia Economic Sharia Festival (ISEF) is the 9th event organized by the Department of Islamic Economics and Finance (DEKS) of Bank Indonesia as a forum for integrating various activities in the Islamic economic and financial sector (Eksyar).

LinkAja Inaugurates Strategic Collaboration at ISEF 2022 to Support the Expansion of the Islamic Economy in Indonesia

With a vision to develop the Islamic financial ecosystem further, LinkAja Syariah collaborated with three of its strategic partners and made this event the moment of the inauguration of the collaboration in the Business Matching agenda in ISEF 2022. Collaborative activities carried out including LinkAja Syariah providing a cardless cash withdrawal feature at ATMs owned by Bank Syariah Indonesia, LinkAja Syariah provides a Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB) feature for educational contributions with EduMu and LinkAja Syariah digitizing Hidayatullah school and Islamic boarding school education fees, distributing ZISWAF, providing PPOB and SOF services in the Hidayatullah member card application and digitizing disbursement of aid/allowances with PP Hidayatullah.

Additionally, LinkAja Syariah also participated in the Talkshow - Cashless Anti-Splurge by providing education to ISEF visitors through the 2022 Indonesia Halal Showcase.


LinkAja's constancy and commitment to #SatukanPotensiIndonesia is increasingly fulfilled through a complete and integrated ecosystem of electronic financial transaction services. LinkAja is optimistic that it can meet the demands of secure and easy digital transactions and further accelerate the progress of fair financial inclusion in Indonesia by optimizing all the services that are emphasized by each State-Owned Enterprises (SOE).

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