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LinkAja Presents State Revenue Service for the Community

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LinkAja, as national electronic money, announced its cooperation with the Director General of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia through PT. Finnet Indonesia as the Source of Fund mobile e-wallet to provide 3rd Generation State Revenue Module (MPN-G3) services that can be used by the public to pay for public services and taxes such as PNBP (Non-Tax State Revenue) - KUA payments, fine tickets, passport renewal, driver's license, payment of government securities, etc on November 1st, 2021. As well as online taxes, and customs.


The State Revenue services in the LinkAja application and the LinkAja Syariah Service is a form of LinkAja's support for the National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT) launched by the government and help the government to establish an information technology-based financial ecosystem. This public and tax payment service can be used by users on the LinkAja application and the LinkAja Syariah Service on the State Revenue Menu.


DR Hadiyanto, S.H, L.L.M. as Director General of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia said "We really appreciate the support provided by PT Finnet Indonesia as one of the Other Perception Institutions in the State Revenue System with LinkAja in accelerating the use of digital transactions through the Electronic Wallet Pay Channel, especially through its steps to synergize with us in providing 3rd Generation State Revenue Module (MPN-G3) services through the Electronic Wallet Pay Channel with LinkAja. We hope that this collaboration will help accommodate the expansion of access to digital financial services for the people of Indonesia, especially for making payments for public services, especially taxes and non-tax state revenues," he explained.


Widjayanto, LinkAja's Chief of Operations, said “Coinciding with this Financial Inclusion Month, we are pleased to be able to integrate State Revenue services in the LinkAja application. We hope that this collaboration will make it easier for all Indonesian people to pay tax obligations, increase digital financial inclusion and help the national economic recovery, especially during this pandemic."


Director of Business & Marketing Finnet, Irena Aldanituti expressed Finnet's excitement to support the success of payment services using the 3rd Generation State Revenue Module (MPN-G3). “Finnet is committed to provide the best payment solutions using the latest technology. With this collaboration, we hope that Finnet can provide convenience for all people in fulfilling their needs. Through the various features available, hopefully, this synergy can make a positive contribution to increasing digitalization and financial inclusion and the success of all parties," said Alda.


In addition, Nufransa Wira Sakti as Expert Staff of the Ministry of Finance for Tax Supervision also welcomed LinkAja's initiation in opening tax services, especially state revenues in its application. "We appreciate LinkAja collaborating with various parties as a payment channel for state revenue electronic wallets. With the increasing number of alternative tax payment channels, it will be easier for taxpayers to make tax payments as one of the state revenues. Hopefully, the public can take advantage of the ease of payment of various state revenue features in it," he said.


The State Revenue menu in the LinkAja application will contain PNBP (Non-Tax State Revenue) services, online taxes, and customs. In the PNBP service, the public can make payments for passports, transactions from the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA), ticket fines, driver's licenses, payments for state securities, and so on, while in the Online Tax service, the public can pay PPh and VAT. As for how to use the State Revenue Service in the LinkAja application and the LinkAja Syariah Service as follows:

1.     Open the LinkAja Application or LinkAja Syariah Services

2.     Select the State Revenue menu

3.     Select Payment Type (PNBP, Online Tax, or Customs)

4.     Enter billing code

5.     Billing information will appear, then Complete Depositor Data

6.     Confirm Payment by entering LinkAja PIN

7.     Payment Successful and Proof of Payment will be sent via email


With this new service, the public can simply access LinkAja or LinkAja Syariah to pay various public and tax bills and make payment documents, such as SSP (tax deposit letter), and SSBP (non-tax deposit letter), SSPB (payment return letter). Simply by entering the billing code, now people no longer need to do it manually. Access to payment of public services and taxes in the State Revenue Menu can be done for 7x24 hours.


In this joint synergy, Finnet as the Collecting Agent of the Director General of Treasury, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia will provide the best service to serve state revenue payments through the Finpay Easy Tax application provided in the LinkAja transaction menu. As an application that operates in the field of providing e-payment services, LinkAja is here to provide various conveniences for the Indonesian people in carrying out essential transactions. Starting from various digital transaction features for various payments and purchases, to business solutions to support MSME players in Indonesia. With the State Revenue Service, LinkAja expands its business line in the financing sector, which is LinkAja's step in providing easy access to finance and the economy.


"We hope the existence of LinkAja can enrich the essential use that exists in society. LinkAja is progressively committed to always presenting new innovations that can provide convenience and comfort as well as security in serving the various transaction needs of the community through the services and products we present," concluded Widjayanto.

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