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LinkAja Presents Digital Payment Service Solution to Support Local E-Commerce Platform, Ladara

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Image Artikel LinkAja Presents Digital Payment Service Solution to Support Local E-Commerce Platform, Ladara LinkAja
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LinkAja today inaugurated a strategic partnership with local e-commerce, Ladara (PT Ladara Dharma Bakti), which markets a variety of local products made in the archipelago. The collaboration with Ladara is expected to support the growth and improve the competitiveness of MSMEs. As a digital financial service provider, LinkAja also considers this collaboration to be in line with its mission to support financial inclusion through expanding the reach of digital financial services to Ladara-assisted MSMEs and the surrounding community.

Ladara is an e-commerce platform with an application system and website innovated by the wives of TNI families established in October 2020, which markets MSME products such as fashion products, household appliances, electronic equipment, and many others. LinkAja presents a choice of digital payment services and a range of PPOB products to further complement the digital solutions offered by Ladara.

"We positively welcome this collaboration because we believe this collaboration will further complement the LinkAja ecosystem and become the realization of LinkAja's commitment to invite people to make digital transactions in more MSMEs in order to accelerate financial inclusion in Indonesia and, of course, advance the work of the nation's children. We also hope that this collaboration will increase Ladara's competitiveness as a local e-commerce that reaches national and international markets. Thus, this strategic collaboration reflects LinkAja's commitment to uniting various Indonesian potentials," explained LinkAja President Director, Yogi Rizkian Bahar.

The strategic collaboration between LinkAja and Ladara is run by a combination of Indonesian Youth and other supporting services. The strategic synergy of this collaboration is realized through various activities, including the activation of LinkAja's digital payment services on Ladara's application system, cooperation in the sale of PPOB products provided by LinkAja to be sold in the Ladara application, socialization and promotional activities carried out by both parties on each service owned related to market development and sales of cooperation results, provision of services aimed at developing human resources owned by LinkAja and other forms of cooperation that have the potential to develop both organizations, both Ladara and LinkAja.

"Our main goal in establishing Ladara is to provide opportunities for MSMEs to market their products in a digital platform that is able to connect them with local, national and international markets. The presence of LinkAja through easy access to digital financial services with a complete ecosystem further supports us to digitize MSME partners, and of course, we hope to reach more MSME partners in the future," explained Nanny Hadi Tjahjanto, CEO of Ladara.

Previously, Ladara has collaborated with Kominfo to develop marketing of registered MSMEs and provide education to MSMEs onboarding through the Kominfo program. Ladara also collaborates with Bank Indonesia to support the digitalization of MSMEs in remote areas of Indonesia. In addition, Ladara also collaborates with Dekranas and Kowani to support special activities for local MSMEs and guide MSMEs to upgrade.


Through a complete and integrated ecosystem of electronic financial transaction services, LinkAja's consistency and commitment in its efforts to #UniteIndonesia's Potential is increasingly being realized. By optimizing all the services offered by each SOE, LinkAja is optimistic that it can meet the needs of safe and convenient digital transactions and further accelerate the process of equitable financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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