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LinkAja Establishes Partnership with PT Agronesia to Support the Digitalization of West Java Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD)

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Image Artikel LinkAja Establishes Partnership with PT Agronesia to Support the Digitalization of West Java Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) LinkAja
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In order to support the acceleration of the financial inclusion program and encouraging non-cash transactions, LinkAja collaborate with PT Agronesia (Perseroda), one of the Regional Owned Enterprises of West Java Province which was established in 2002, engaged in the rubber technical goods industry (Inkaba), Ice Industry (Saripetojo), Food and Beverage Industry (BMC).

Through this collaboration, e-wallet and digital payment services are now available within PT Agronesia's financial ecosystem. This collaboration began with the implementation of M2M (Merchant to Merchant method) and QRIS digitalization in the Saripetojo operational work unit at PT Agronesia and was marked by signing an agreement between the two parties represented by Yogi Rizkian Bahar, President Director of LinkAja and Mohamad Deddy Gamawan, President Director of PT Agronesia (Perseroda).

On this occasion, Yogi Rizkian Bahar, President Director of LinkAja explained "This collaboration is a strategic collaboration, and in line with our vision. LinkAja has a vision to become the nation's preferred digital financial platform that is superior and trusted, while PT Agronesia's vision is to become a leading company in products and services. Thus, this collaboration will strengthen LinkAja's synergy in digitalization, whose benefits can be felt in remote areas, in order to increase national economic growth."

PT Agronesia (Perseroda) was established with the merger of several nationalized Dutch-owned companies in 1959 and was under the management of the Provincial Government of West Java, and has continued to grow to date with operational area coverage throughout Indonesia. Previously, the transaction process was not digitized. The collaboration with LinkAja is carried out by the efforts to transform digitization of payments in the company's operational units. This strategic collaboration is expected to increase the economic growth of business entities in the West Java region with the help of digitization.

The collaboration is conducted on the matter of actualizing government programs in relation to synergy between Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) of West Java province with State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and BUMN subsidiaries.

"Our partnership with LinkAja is in accordance with our objective to digitize operational payment processes, reduce the risk of receiving counterfeit money, and decrease the reception of small denominations. Additionally, this partnership is our first step in modernizing and adapting to the digital era, particularly for cashless payments, "as explained by Mohamad Deddy Gamawan, PT Agronesia's President Director (Perseroda). PT Agronesia has comprehensively switched its operating system into digital in order to stay in pace with the developments of its industry. This Regional Owned Enterprise believes that by collaborating with the leading provider of digital financial services, LinkAja which has a strong digital ecosystem, it will also accelerate digital transformation and adoption rates throughout West Java region.


Through a complete and integrated electronic financial transaction service ecosystem, LinkAja's consistency and commitment in its efforts to #SatukanPotensiIndonesia are achieved. By optimizing all the services that are prioritized by each SOEs, LinkAja is optimistic that it will meet the needs of safe and comfortable digital transactions, and further accelerate the process of equitable financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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