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LinkAja, e-Wallet with the Most Complete Transportation Ecosystem

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Since 2019, LinkAja continues to support digital transformation in various essential sectors of Indonesia. One of them is by digitizing the transportation sector. Through the expansion of digitization in the transportation ecosystem, LinkAja has collaborated with 29 transportation providers and more than 230 active merchants spread across 29 provinces throughout Indonesia to provide easily integrated digital transaction options.

Uniting Indonesia's potential, LinkAja provides the most complete transportation ecosystem services, ranging from land, air, to sea transport modes. Moreover, LinkAja also cooperates with parking providers at a number of points, as well as being the payment method for delivery services and serving payments for fuel purchases at more than 6000 Pertamina gas stations through the MyPertamina application. With an integrated system, users can travel practically, comfortably, and safely with one application.



Widjayanto, LinkAja's Director of Operations said, “LinkAja has the most complete transportation ecosystem. As electronic money that focuses on providing easy transactions for the daily needs of the Indonesian, we realize that transportation and purchasing fuel are essential needs for our users in their activities. Not only serving as a source of replenishment of funds in various transportation service provider applications, LinkAja can also be used directly by applying ticket codes to the LinkAja application such as on the Commuter Line, MRT and implementing the Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code (QRIS) as we do in local transportation.”



For users in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi areas, LinkAja provides payment solutions for all providers of operating modes of transportation, including the Indonesian Commuter Train, Jakarta LRT, Jakarta MRT, TransJakarta, Railink, Bluebird. In fact, LinkAja is the only electronic money that can be used in the Grab and Gojek applications.


As for users outside of Jakarta, LinkAja has also been available in 29 areas including the cities of Medan, Lampung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Makassar for payments on more than 150 local transportation providers including Trans Jogja, Trans Semarang, Trans Batam, LRT Palembang and travel between cities. LinkAja also partners with the KAI Access application for purchasing travel tickets for all KAI routes.



Serving payment for sea transportation, LinkAja has collaborated with ASDP Indonesia Ferry. As for air transportation, LinkAja has become the ticket payment partner for Garuda Indonesia and Citilink airlines. To add more convenience in transactions, LinkAja has also collaborated with Inairport and Damri, as well as being the payment partner for vehicle parking at Parkee, Sky Parking, and Soul Parking. 


In addition, in 2021, LinkAja will complete the transportation ecosystem by presenting a payment method for delivery services. LinkAja collaborates with logistics partners, namely Anteraja and WeHelpYou. This makes it easier for people to meet their daily needs in a practical and safe manner during the pandemic.



“LinkAja will never stop providing convenience and comfort as well as security in serving various transaction needs of the community through the services and products we present. We are optimistic that in the future all Indonesians will be able to experience maximum equal distribution of access to digital financial services," add Widjayanto.



Until now, LinkAja has provided convenient services for more than 82 million registered users with the most complete digital ecosystem. Currently, LinkAja has more than one and a half million local merchants, more than 400 thousand national merchants, more than 790 traditional markets, and more than 13 thousand online marketplaces. LinkAja can also be used to make transfers to all bank accounts, make payments for various daily needs such as phone credit, electricity, and other bills, BPJS premium, to purchase various financial services such as mutual funds and micro-insurance products. In addition, LinkAja can also be used at more than one million transaction points for top-up and balance withdrawals, including ATMs, banking transfers, retail networks, and digital financial services.



LinkAja Syariah was launched in April 2020, the first Islamic electronic money in Indonesia, with the aim of facilitating various types of payments that follow Islamic principles. Besides being able to be used for transactions in the regular LinkAja ecosystem, LinkAja Syariah can also be used to make donations, alms, and waqf through mosques and other institutions and can be used for online Hajj registration.


Within one year since its launch, LinkAja Syariah has more than 6.4 million registered users which will continue to increase in line with collaboration with several strategic partners, such as local governments and other institutions, to collaborate for the expansion of the Sharia digital ecosystem throughout Indonesia.

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