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LinkAja Business Solution has Digitized MSME and Corporate Ecosystems

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LinkAja, the nation’s leading financial services with a complete ecosystem provides solutions to face challenges in accelerating the use of digital transactions and attaining financial inclusion in Indonesia, presents Business Solutions Services. With this service that has digitized hundreds of corporations in Indonesia, LinkAja has supported the thorough transformation of digital financial services for all business players and corporations in various industries.



“We are continuously updated with any development by providing relevant digital solutions that suit the needs of our business and corporate partners. We believe that to achieve a thorough financial inclusion, there needs to be a certain approach to providing adequate financial services, especially to the corporate ecosystem. We have comprehensively accelerated the digitization of MSME and the corporate ecosystem of our Business Solution partners,” said Widjayanto, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of PT. Fintek Karya Nusantara (LinkAja).



LinkAja Business Solutions digitizes the financial ecosystem comprehensively, from the corporate business ecosystem to the end-consumer. Understanding the challenges faced by MSME and corporations, LinkAja Business Solution offers diverse solutions: Cash Disbursement, Cash Collection, Digitized Transaction (through QRIS, merchant apps, and others), Digitized Ecosystem and Advertising Services.



“LinkAja Business Solution strengthens the digital financial services in business and corporations, such as Digital Product Selling and Digital Lending. The LinkAja Business Solution facilitates our partners with real-time, efficient, safe, and flexible services. The user growth of LinkAja Business Solution Service in 2021 has increased more than 70% compared to the previous year. On the technology side, LinkAja focuses on presenting a series of tech products that can build an ecosystem,” said Widjayanto.



There are approximately 200 partners from big corporations in Indonesia that have adopted LinkAja Business Solution and digitized their corporate ecosystems, such as Pertamina, Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI, Telkomsel, Sampoerna Retail Community (SRC),  BlueBird, and many more. In 2021, LinkAja sees performance growth in its partners’ businesses pursuant to the adoption of LinkAja Business Solutions. Bluebird’s transportation business has also adopted the service, making it one of the many that have partnered with LinkAja for their various business lines since 2020.



Mediko Azwar, the Marketing Director of PT Blue Bird, Tbk explained, “LinkAja has supported the digital implementation and the digital literacy of Blue Bird Group. The innovation of LinkAja Business Solutions service has significantly increased our business performance through a safer and more efficient operational fund disbursement. With LinkAja in Bluebird’s ecosystem, our drivers are now digitized and become frequent users of e-money.” LinkAja has also become one of the payment methods in My Bluebird app and is used for everyday transactions of the drivers to purchase phone credit, gas, e-toll, and more. LinkAja has also educated and digitized more than 40 Bluebird pools. LinkAja Business Solutions service has increased the Disbursement Volume to 800%*, the Disbursement Transaction increased by more than 700% and Active Users increased up to 3 times in the Bluebird ecosystem.



LinkAja Business Solutions service has been adopted by a big retail chain partner, Sampoerna Retail Community (SRC), since February 2021 and has been adopted by more than 20.000 SRC partners across Indonesia. Until today, this collaboration has increased a significant number in ecosystem digitization, with Cashless Volume growth of more than 60% per month and Cashless Transaction growth of more than 70% per month.



“Our collaboration with LinkAja Business Solutions service has significantly accelerated the digital transformation of our retail chain. The QRIS digital payment, which is the Central Bank’s program, has also become LinkAja’s crucial service in fostering the digitization of the MSMEs, especially the grocery stalls under SRC. LinkAja has increased the productivity of SRC merchants with a faster transaction process and with beneficial programs,” said Rima Tanago, Director of PT SRC Indonesia Sembilan.



Not only focusing on big corporations, but LinkAja will also continue to strategic steps in digitizing and developing the growth of MSME throughout Indonesia. As a digital financial service, LinkAja has a significant role in actualizing strategic collaborations that can accelerate MSME digitization. In 2021, LinkAja digitized the transaction and distributed funds to more than 400 thousand MSME in its shareholder and strategic partner ecosystem.



LinkAja has also collaborated with the Government (both City and Provincial) and Bank Indonesia to socialize the use of QRIS. As of November 2021, the use of LinkAja's QRIS has reached more than 1.3 million merchants in more than 500 cities and districts throughout Indonesia, which also educated the MSMEs about the benefits of digital transactions and training to increase their business scale. With Business Solution Services, LinkAja also provides an opportunity for MSMEs to get additional funds and increase their business scale through digital loan services integrated into LinkAja's Digital Lending.



As routines and habits are formed in using e-money among LinkAja users throughout Indonesia, as well the potential from strategic collaborations, LinkAja is very optimistic about moving forward to reach financial inclusion in Indonesia.


Check out more information about LinkAja's Business Solution services on this page.

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