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Contributing to Sharia Economic Growth in Indonesia, LinkAja Syariah Supports ISEF 2021

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Image Artikel Contributing to Sharia Economic Growth in Indonesia, LinkAja Syariah Supports ISEF 2021 LinkAja
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As the first sharia-based electronic money in Indonesia with MUI certification, LinkAja Syariah has also contributed and demonstrated its involvement in the success of the largest Islamic economic and financial event in Indonesia, the 'Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival' (ISEF) 2021 as the only provider of QRIS, as well as electronic money service at offline exhibition events. LinkAja Syariah also takes part in educating the public, communities and various agencies regarding sharia-based financial services by being a talk show resource while providing various other forms of support at the exhibition.


Wibawa Prasetyawan, the Acting CEO of LinkAja said, “As the only sharia-based electronic money in Indonesia, the involvement of LinkAja Syariah at the ISEF event is a manifesto of our commitment to realize the vision of the 2019-2024 Indonesian Sharia Economic Masterplan to make Indonesia Independent, Prosperous, and Civil, in order to become the World's Leading Center for Islamic Economics. Through this, in the midst of the month of financial inclusion, it is hoped that LinkAja Syariah can contribute significantly in expanding access to sharia-based digital financial services in Indonesia.”


This year's ISEF is the 8th in a series since it was first held in 2014 and has been included in the calendar of global sharia economic events. This event is held to support the halal industry, especially in the development of sharia economy and finance in Indonesia. This time, ISEF will involve not only national agencies, institutions or associations, but there will also be exhibitions that involve the community and are more acquired.


“We really appreciate LinkAja Syariah for their support to Bank Indonesia in advancing the development of Islamic economics and finance in Indonesia through their involvement in the 2021 ISEF event" shared Director of the Department of Islamic Economy and Finance of Bank Indonesia, Ita Rulina. Furthermore, she added, “We hope with LinkAja Syariah service at various merchants, we can facilitate payment transactions as well to encourage the creation of an integrated ecosystem of halal products and Islamic finance in Indonesia,” he concluded.


This year, the 2021 Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) will be conducted in a hybrid way, a combination of virtual exhibitions which will be held from October 8, 2021 to December through the directory and online catalog on the website, as well as offline exhibitions on 27-30 October held at the Jakarta Convention Center.



In this case, the LinkAja Syariah actively participates in a series of ISEF Pre-Event events by being a resource person on the agenda at Fesyar, Digitizing Zakat products at the Road to ISEF workshop, and Muzakarah for Strengthening Islamic Boarding School Independence at the Road to ISEF virtual seminar. Not to be missed, LinkAja Syariah provides promos and campaign activities such as payment methods through QRIS payments at offline exhibitions and payment options at online exhibitions, provide education to increase digital transactions for MSME partners, and assist promotional activities for companies/resellers and provide benefits. to merchants who actively promote the use of LinkAja Syariah Services for ISEF merchants who sell their products through offline & online platforms. This event will also be equipped with a top-up booth that allows users to transact using the LinkAja Syariah application.

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