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5 Tips to Fulfill Ramadan Needs with LinkAja App

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The awaited Ramadan month is the right moment for us to reconnect with our families and share in the holy month. This year will be the time for us to finally actualize the delayed sharing activities and visit our hometown. With the technological advancements, various activities in Ramadan can now be done easier since there are digital wallets and electronic money that allow us to do many things with minimal physical interaction. Here are 5 things we can do using only one electronic-based financial transaction service, LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah.


1. Worship calmly and comfortably during Ramadan

Sharing is one of the essences of the holy month Ramadan, it is the right time to do charity and help others. By using LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah, we can distribute zakat fitrah and alms as easily as accessing via application. In the LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah applications, we can select the "LinkAja Sharing" menu, then select "Zakat Fitrah" and select a charity body with a choice of more than 30 national institutions, such as Rumah Zakat, Baznas, Dompet Dhuafa, Human Initiative and Rumah Yatim and more from 450 local institutions throughout Indonesia.


LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah provide the needs for zakat, infaq, alms and waqf (ZISWAF) which still follow Sharia rules. Distributing infaq at mosques can also be done without cash with the help of QRIS which has been provided by LinkAja in more than 2,000 mosques spread across Indonesia.


2. Share Religious Holiday Allowance (THR) securely

The activity of sharing THR with relatives can be done simply by using a QR code. The step is to click the 'Send Money' button on the LinkAja account, then click the 'Snap QR' button, while on the LinkAja account, the recipient can simply click the 'See All' dotted button and selects 'My QR', then just follow the next step.


Not only that, transferring THR to bank accounts via LinkAja is also easier and at an affordable cost, starting from only IDR 1,000.


3. Shopping necessities during Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, we surely visit shopping centers, mini markets or grocery stores, both to prepare the iftar menu or to fulfill our daily needs. Shopping can now be easier without the hassle of preparing cash, because with one snap of QRIS all transactions can be completed efficiently by LinkAja. LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah provide essential transaction convenience at more than 400 national merchants and more than 1.6 million local merchants spread throughout Indonesia.


4. Travel back to our hometown comfortably with only one electronic-based financial transaction service


After a long delay, this year's trip back to our hometown has become the most awaited moment in Ramadan. We can make our trip back home more comfortable with only one digital financial service, LinkAja. LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah provide easy access with the most complete transportation ecosystem (land, air, and sea) at 230 active merchants in 29 partner transportation providers in 29 provinces throughout Indonesia, accounts that are integrated with the Peduli Lindungi application, refueling at more than 6,000 gas stations Pertamina through the MyPertamina application, to e-toll payments or e-toll and e-money top ups. Travel will feel more comfortable with careful preparation through a digital payment system that is more concise and minimal physical contact.



5. Pay all bills easily while we are away

Make the moment of visiting our hometown to meet family serenely and without any obstacles in fulfilling needs and bills on time. When we return to our hometown, we no longer have to worry about having no access to pay electricity, water or other bills because everything can be done at LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah.



"By encouraging Indonesian to adopt the use of electronic-based payments as a transaction option during the month of Ramadan, we hope it will form a new habit for people to rely on e-wallets and electronic money such as LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah as a transaction solution and also increase the use of QRIS at various merchants all over Indonesia,” explained Wibawa Prasetyawan, Acting CEO of LinkAja. Currently, the number of QRIS users has increased to more than 10 million users, where access to QRIS transactions has also been facilitated by LinkAja, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities.



With the help of QRIS, people from all economic classes have equal access to enjoy easy transactions through safe and reliable digital financial services. By presenting digital financial transaction facilities that can be accessed by anyone, LinkAja has helped democratize inclusive financial services and continue to encourage the unification of Indonesia's potential.



At the same time, during the month of Ramadan, LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah users can save up to IDR 400,000 for purchasing phone credit, sending food, paying bills, finances, and shopping for various fasting needs. This makes meeting our daily needs more of a blessing for all with LinkAja and LinkAja sharia.



LinkAja believes that this year's homecoming moment can be one of the right moments to encourage digitalization for both the community and MSMEs that are spread across all cities in Indonesia. LinkAja and LinkAja Syariah connect the various potentials and opportunities that exist in this country and together maximize the potential to boost the country's economy, with #SatukanPotensiIndonesia realizing financial inclusion and Indonesia's economic revival.

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